Anthony lives and works in Palm Desert, southern California. His work is created with one of the newer, more innovative medium such as resin, Pebeo's Fantasy collection in which taking the colors that we know into a whole another level! 


Heat is used throughout the process, from making the resin less viscous, it also gives the colors some very unique patterns. Working with the mix media media and a torch, he creates pieces that have depth and movement which are inspired by his passion of classical music. Some of the quite well known pieces of music that inspire Anthony during his work's process are: "The 4 Seasons" by Vivaldi and "Symphony No.40 in G minor" by W.A.Mozart.

Anthony is also currently performs at the Palm Springs Village Fest every Thursday night and at events around the Coachella valley where he is known for his renditions of jazz standards, especially those of beloved legend Frank Sinatra! Anthony has the same burning passion for both art forms therefore he keeps himself quite busy, you will find him working on new painting projects if he's not rehearsing or performing. Help Anthony fulfill his dreams and passion by supporting his love for art (book a show/purchase or commission a painting). Every single help would be greatly appreciated!

Statement: My work is very intuitive by the music that i'm listening to and painting with resin and the Pebeo paints allows me to create mixtures of color that exceeding my own imagination! As i work, i start off by picking out the main colors for the piece and mix them with a lightening medium. After the preparation is over, the fun begins. I then mixing the colors in different variations and techniques in order to create the beautiful mixture of colors and patterns. Heat comes last in the process, i preferred a heat gun over a torch when it comes to Pebeo medium because high intense direct heat could burn and darken the color. After finished the painting, I cover and let it dry for 42 hrs before begin the resining process. I specifically choose the Epoxy Resin by ArtResin company because they have one of the best resin products out there. It is health friendly, no fumes and doesn't get yellow afterward.  I love the process of making each piece of art because the possibility of how each one would turn out is limitless!